About Our Store & values


  • We are IDtorney Tech Inc. a Canadian corporation since 2019 doing business as TECHtorney.
  • We are a small family business running an elaborate e-commerce fulfillment business of 250,000 potential products in stock, always shipping from Canadian warehouses to Canadians, and the World when possible


IDtorney Tech Inc., is also a distributor of about 15 cloud cybersecurity products focused on digital secrets protection, single sign-on and end-to-end encryption products.

 IDtorney is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

TECHtorney is the new e-commerce IT hardware reselling division of IDtorney Tech Inc. exclusively serving Canadians. 

It launched with the Shopify platform in June 2022 and is now :
--> 300+ brands and 25,000+ echnology products from leading and emerging manufacturers. 
--> 1 million+ SKUs when factoring enterprise grade software licenses, support contracts and extended warranties. 
Hence our motto: "Nothing can substitute choice"



We don't like monopolistics players and won't behave like one. 

We believe in free markets, honest sincere attempts at excellent customer service although we may sometimes make mistakes but will recognize them. 

  • We deliver to Canadians exclusively from our suppliers Canada based warehouse. It always ships from our suppliers' warehouses in Canada directly to you. 
  • We will always use a cutting-edge ticket system  at support.idtorney.com to ensure any of your post purchases requests are followed-up thoroughly. 
  • We are owned by Canadians, managed by Canadians and pay taxes in Canada and we speak FRENCH AND ENGLISH